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Ecommerce Performance Analysis

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your online store’s performance metrics and KPIs.
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).
  • Detailed analysis of website traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, and customer behavior.
  • Competitor benchmarking to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Marketing Attribution and ROI Analysis

  • Assessment of marketing channels and their impact on conversions.
  • Measurement of return on investment (ROI) for marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis of attribution models to allocate marketing budgets effectively.
  • Recommendations for optimizing marketing spend and maximizing ROI.

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Creation of interactive dashboards and visualizations for data insights.
  • Customized reports and presentations tailored to your business needs.
  • Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Data storytelling to communicate complex analytics findings effectively.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • In-depth analysis of your website’s user experience (UX) and conversion funnel.
  • Identification of conversion barriers and optimization opportunities.
  • A/B testing and multivariate testing to improve conversion rates.
  • Recommendations for website design, layout, and call-to-action optimization.

Sales and Revenue Analysis

  • Analysis of sales trends, revenue sources, and product performance.
  • Identification of top-selling products and underperforming areas.
  • Pricing analysis and recommendations for maximizing revenue.
  • Forecasting and predictive analytics for future sales growth.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

  • Analysis of customer lifetime value (CLV) and churn rates.
  • Development of customer retention strategies and loyalty programs.
  • Personalization techniques for increasing customer engagement.
  • Recommendations for improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Customer Segmentation and Targeting

  • Analysis of customer data to identify different segments and target audiences.
  • Development of buyer personas and customer profiles.
  • Tailored marketing strategies for each customer segment.
  • Recommendations for personalized product recommendations and promotions.

Ecommerce Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

  • Development of a comprehensive analytics strategy aligned with your business goals.
  • Prioritization of analytics initiatives and implementation roadmap.
  • Technology evaluation and selection of analytics tools and platforms.
  • Training and support for your team to enable data-driven decision-making.

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